Silly silly silly but true.

Listening to Rosalie, I was struck by how much Michael Jackson has stolen from Thin Lizzy. Not only did he use a similar guitar intro on Black or White, but he also took the words "smooth operator" and made it his own song title.

It took at least two minutes before I realized that I had forgotten that a) Rosalie was written by Bob Seger and b) it was Sade who sang about a smooth operator. Michael Jackson, as you all know, stuck to the Smooth Criminal.

I am going to write a book called "Things about rock 'n' roll that I have been wrong about". It will include a whole chapter about how me and my friend tried to estimate the height of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens by converting the English figures into the metric system. Our conclusion was that Idol is as big as three matchboxes and Stevens is a smurf. We were stunned when we saw them live. And realized we were almost right.


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